The Bluff

by Let's Pet

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written and performed by Let's Pet

Billy Baumann - guitar, keyboards, vocals
Daniel Staackmann - guitar, keyboards
Lisa Shelley de Brauw - drums, chimes, vocals
Trevor Shelley de Brauw - bass, synth, vocals

Let's Pet was formed by ex-Teith members Lisa, Billy, and Trevor and augmented by their friend Dan Staackmann. The quartet picked up the melodic threads of Teith and carried them as far as they'd go, focusing more on songwriting and arranging than the paint-peeling layers of noise and chaos that characterized their former outlet. But whereas the sounds were sweet and melancholic, the lyrics had a morbid fixation on death, murder, and suffering.

The album was recorded by Che Arthur in 2012. Despite the lack of release plans or a label, documentation of the songs felt necessary at that moment because Trevor and Lisa were expecting their first child and knew there would be an extended break for the band as they adjusted to their new lives. For a variety of reasons Let's Pet never fully bounced back from that break, but fortunately the recordings remain.


released February 22, 2019

recorded and mixed by Che Arthur in 2012
mastered by Carl Saff in 2018
artwork by Billy Baumann for Delicious Design League


all rights reserved



Migration Media Chicago, Illinois

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Track Name: Malicious Change Thrower
late in your house hidden in the darkness of your room
i watch your peaceful slumber
and under my breath softly croon
"i can't love you when you breathe,
can't bear those tender eyes to see"
the pillow flattens across your face

your flailing arms grasp toward the bedside table to your right
as if to grab mementos for the impending endless night
your hand it comes to rest upon
a poem he wrote you as he fawned
you're soon to join him in the grave

And we went down into the alleyway
That’s when I realized there’s nothing left to say
But I had something on my mind
That’s when we sang

I had a boyfriend,
always looking after him
I had a girlfriend,
always looking after her
I had a boyfriend,
always looking after him
I had a girlfriend,
always looking after her
I had a boyfriend,
always looking after him
I had a girlfriend,
always looking after her

You knew just what you wanted from me
And now I try but there’s nothing like deceit
I know I’m happier than I would ever be
I’ll float away
Track Name: Tony the Bone Collector
Tony was such a quiet boy
He seemed content with his life
Said he’d go to school and take hold
Making friends and try to find his way

He had a rat skull for a toy
And made instruments at his home
His cynicism started growing old
And his keyboards started baring bones

Tony’s mother knew something was wrong
When neighbors burned crosses in her yard
Where Tony never stood
Tony the Bone Collector

Stories say he kept a friend locked up
And injected her with fertility drugs
The baby came and he boiled it in a pot
His landlord found its bones on the roof

Tony’s band mates never had a chance
Giving into the musical romance
Yet Tony never lied
Tony the Bone Collector
Track Name: The Rising Tide
I’m not one for self-delusion
So I admit, it was an awful way to die
Held underwater
Eyes gazing up
Into the eyes of the one you love
Hold you til the struggling subsides
You lost yourself in the rising tide

I’m not one for self-destruction
But I’ve longed for so long in your arms to die
To follow you gently
Into the cold
Into these waters that claim our souls
Hold you til the trembling subsides
We lost ourselves in this rising tide
Track Name: His Madness
We should’ve run away
But we stayed in here
We held on to our shame
It was all we had
The fabric of our family
Was only rags and filth
You should’ve seen us acting in the tragic play
His madness

In the crashing waves
Drown in the crashing waves
Track Name: The Bluff
I miss you
I miss you
Though your words were untrue
I miss you

Into the night you came into my heart
Without a doubt we took daddy’s car
To the bluff we drove with pure intention
There was a guy who asked me to throw my scarf
I fell down and didn’t see your car
The lights were bright and blinded me from thinking

I didn’t see you
My mind was full of rage
Fear of failure
Blinded by my haste

On the ground I lay without any pain
Gazing look from your eyes let me know you were to blame
One last scream before I simply went away
Into the night you came into my heart
With the rageful youth our love fell apart
Crying eyes can never bring this story to a close

I didn’t see you
My mind was full of rage
Fear of failure
Blinded by my haste

You said you love me / I said I love you
And now I’m dead / And now you're dead
Track Name: The End of the World
No more time, we’ve run out
It’s okay, we had a fine life
We lived our lives without consequence
But now that’s done, it’s time to die now

Man’s failed run is at its end now
We had our fun, filled with misery
Our willful ignorance, our fatal flaw
But now that’s done, it’s time to die now

It’s the end of the world
Track Name: Verisimilitude
A palace of steel and concrete
A windowless trough in which we feed
Mechanical jaws of mercy
Fed a diet of those deserving
Breeding families of drones
Breathing seeds that must be sown
Towers built on simple premise
Scratch the itch that compels us
Manifest in our consumption
Is a cruelty seeking function
Echoed screams of gratitude
That echo verisimilitude

She’s wishing her daughter goodbye
As conveyers pull her deeper inside
To the mercy she was born to
The consumption she was born to
The air escapes from her lungs
The fear that subsumed her soon to be done
As the flesh is flayed from the bone
Flesh is flayed clean off of the bone
Track Name: Whistle Test
You and I we’re alright, we’re alright
Together we fall and rise
What they know is wrong, is wrong
Together we breathe and live
Truth wins out in the end, in the end
Together we fight and win

What we love is right, is right
Together we fall and rise
Truth wins out in the end, in the end
Together we fight and win

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